Site Info - How To Post in the Blog

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Do you want to share your writing with the world? Then you can!

I mostly limit blog posting to myself - and a few select members. Some site members are given permission to post blog entries about writing news, their own work, and more.This is a great way to share longer pieces of writing, as well as news you may have heard.

If you want to be one of these people, send me a message, or post on my page. An ideal blog poster has followed site rules, and has shown writing talent already by posting short stories or poems in the Journal or on their page. If I approve, I will enable you to start posting!

Please remember - your posts must be relevant to the site, and fairly well-written. I must approve all blog entries before publishing. I may edit or condense blog entries (but I will always notify you about anyh changes I may make). If you do not follow the gulidlines, you will not be allowed to post anymore.

Have fun!

- K :D

Site Rules - READ THIS!

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While a lot of Internet users are nice people who obey rules, there are people out there who think that they can get away with cyberbullying and the like. Therfore, I have established some site rules. Please follow these carefully!

  1. NO BULLYING! I watch member activity very carefully. You only get one chance to prove that you are a good member. If you are mean to people, swear, scam, or in any way show that you cannot be a responsible site member, YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE DELETED. You have been warned! And if someone is being mean to you, please let me know right away!
  2. There is a difference between good and bad critiscism (which I will explain in a later post). If someone offers you critiscism, and you think it's the bad kind, tell me. Offering bad critiscism will be seen as bullying. And if you report any critiscism you recieve, it may be you who will be seen as the bully.
  3. Please have fun! Writing can be difficult, but it can also be fun. Try to embrace the fun aspects of this site, and not be overly negative.

Thank you for following site rules!

- K ;)