Poem - Flight

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:)Hi! Sorry I haven't been posting much, but I've been busy lately.

This poem is called Flight. I hope you enjoy it!

I stand

High up on the cliff

The sea booms down below

Taunting me

Daring me


The birds

Flying up in the distance


Laughing at me

Laughing at my fear


The wind whooses in my ears

It comforts me

It whispers in my ears

Telling me to ignore them

And just do it.


So I do.


I take a deep breath

And hold it

Send a prayer to the sky

To catch me

And hold me safe


And I spread my wings

And I leap

And I soar.


- K :)

Poem - Brayden's Lament

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Today in school, we wrote poems. I wrote three - one about the word onomatopoeia, one about nachos, and one about a disembodied hand of doom. I'm going to share all three, but I'm doing the nacho one first. It's called Brayden's Lament, named for an annoying kid in my class who likes nachos.

I simply will not survive

Until I eat some nachos.

I will complain and wheedle and whine

Until there's nachos in this belly of mine

'Cause nacos with cheese are oh so divine

And girls dig the guys who eat nachos.

What do you think?

- K :P

Poem - Where the Morning Sun Dances With The Lake

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This poem was inspired by my experiences at a summer cottage at Lake Huron. I hop you enjoy it!

Take me there


Take me to that special place

Where I went a long time ago

When I was small.


That place where the bears walk

Across the sun-bleached rocks

On hot days.


Where the frogs sing all night

And the birds sing all day


Where the trees stand tall

And let you climb them

And where the water ripples with calm

And lets you swim with the fishies.


Where all is calm

All is bright

Just like in that old song.


Where the full moon

dances with the stars


Where the morning sun

dances with the lake

- K 8)