Welcome to The K Files! My name is... well, let's just say that my name is K. I am a young writer and an avid reader. To find out more about me, go to About Me.

This is a site for young writers! I will post about writing news, contests, books, and more. I will also share some of my own writing. Please tell me what you think of it!

This site is very new, so I apologize if it is incomplete in some regards. I am working on it as much as I can, I promise.


- K ;)

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Yes, I know I haven't been posting for a month, but I've been super busy.

This is just to say: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!


- K :D

Authors On Banned Books

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Have any books ever been banned from your school library? Sadly, this happens all the time. While searching the web, I came across two authors who wrote about their favorite banned books. Here are exerpts from their essays.

Arthur Slade:

Every time we read a book, a new universe appears inside us. Banning a book is like watching a constellation of stars die in the heavens. The light goes out and we will never know what happened in that particular universe.

I chos...

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Good Books - February 25, 2013

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Here are some of the good books I read this week.

1. The False Prince - Jennifer Nielson, 2012. This fantasy series is about an orphan boy who is forced to take part in a dangerous plot and compete against three other boys for the role of the false prince. The first in a trilogy, this book was filled with suspense and surprises!

2. The Humming Room - Ellen Potter, 2012. A girl with a dark childhood moves to a mansion on an island, and soon discovers the many secrets hi...

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