Poem - Yellow

Posted by K on January 11, 2013 at 6:40 PM


I love writing free-verse poems to describe things in a new way. I will share several of my poems with you! My first poem is called Yellow. Enjoy!

What is yellow?


Yellow lookslike a small child:

Small andinnocent


Yet lighting upthe world with its brightness

And comfortingall who see it…


Yellow lookslike the early morning:

When you sit andwatch the sun rise

Warming the airand casting patterns over the ground

Making the worldcome alive again…


Yellow soundslike summer:

Bees buzzing


Birds singing

Ice cream truckbells ringing…


Yellow feelsgentle and warm

Like the perfectday

Not too hot, nottoo cold

With a smallbreeze

And the sunchasing the clouds away…


Yellow feelsfuzzy

Sort of like ashort-haired cat’s fur

Or a well-lovedblanket

Or peach fuzz…


Yellow smellslike fresh banana muffins

Just out of theoven

Filling thehouse with a sweet scent

That lingers inall the rooms…


Yellow smellslike candy:

Lemon candies

Jolly Ranchers

Those lollipopsthat you used to get at the dentist

When you weresmall…


Yellow tasteslike a sundae:

Vanilla icecream

Chocolate sauce

And ripebananas;

The kind ofsundae that you enjoy with family and friends

After a longday…


Yellow tasteslike fresh fruit juice:

The kind thatcontains

Apples andoranges

And peaches andstrawberries

And bananas andblueberries

And sweetpineapple…


Yellow ishappiness.

Yellow iscomfort.

Yellow is sweet,simple love.


- K :)

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