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Posted by K on February 25, 2013 at 6:35 PM

Have any books ever been banned from your school library? Sadly, this happens all the time. While searching the web, I came across two authors who wrote about their favorite banned books. Here are exerpts from their essays.

Arthur Slade:

Every time we read a book, a new universe appears inside us. Banning a book is like watching a constellation of stars die in the heavens. The light goes out and we will never know what happened in that particular universe.

I chose Where the Wild Things Are because it's one of those books that I just can't imagine not having inside my head. The images burn bright in my imagination. It was banned from a variety of schools and libraries when it first came out because it was deemed too scary and the boy didn't behave properly. I thought he was just acting like a normal, imaginative boy. Who wouldn't want to sail to an island full of beasts every once in awhile?

Candace Savage:

My heart goes out to the students who have been denied access to Philip Pullman's magnificent trilogy, The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife  and The Amber Spyglass.  But I am also sorry for the adults who closed their minds and hearts to the books and lost an opportunity to engage their own young people in discussion.  I like to think that some of the deprived kids have sneaked into their public libraries and smuggled the banned books home.

- K :)

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